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Oxygen Thinking - Optimum Handicapping

Postby elmarcal7 » Sat Feb 02, 2008 4:44 pm

Hello Everyone,

I found this amusing, different but amusing...hope you do as well.

Oxygen Thinking – Optimum Handicapping

All the written plans in the world, all the inscribed goals, dreams, and desires won’t even make good wallpaper if the first action isn’t taken.

Instead of putting off doing what you know you must, dedicate each day to working your plan to get better and to move closer to your Handicapping Goals.

Get In The Game

Never allow one Bad Bet or One Bad Betting Day to deter you from the end Result.

Success is the accumulation of many small steps in the Right Direction.

Keeping your eye on the mark is the only way to hit it. You cannot hit a target you aren’t focused on except by Accident or Blind luck. Don’t trust your Handicapping success to Accidents or Blind Luck. Trust your Handicapping Success to Yourself and Your Actions.

You Can Be Different

Choose a Destination before You Head Out to Sea! Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the ocean with your sails being battered around, and you’re be going nowhere fast.

Best Handicapping Success to All!

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