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Tech Tips From Support.

Postby ptssupport » Thu Jan 03, 2008 12:01 pm

Below I have assembled some of the most common problems people are having with the Post Time Daily 2.0 and some of the other software that uses the exported files from it.
1) By default the PTD 2.0 will set the export folder to C:\HDRF unless this folder does not already exist. If it does not, it will use a folder in “my documents\post time daily files\exported data”.
2) If the selected data and export folders are deleted the program will not run and you must re-create these folders before it will work again.
3) If you are using the Professional Handicapper you must make sure the exported data folder does not have a space in the name, for example “my documents” has a space in it, so TPH will not be able to use this folder or any folder under it. We suggest that you manually make a C:\HDRF folder and use this as the export data folder in the Post Time Daily 2.0.
4) If you are using TMM and you have just installed PTD 2.0 check the Post Time Daily 2.0 folders to be sure you are using the C:\HDRF folder for the exports BEFORE you install the TMM. This will then set the C:\HDRF as the folder path for the TMM.
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