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More News From the Dungeon

Postby Rick » Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:43 pm

Ok folks. As many of you are aware, we've had an issue with timeouts when downloading files from our website. They'll be terrible for a day then clear up for a week or two.

You can trust me when I say that it is even more frustrating for me as it is for you folks. After all, you know how they say that S**T flows downhill. Well, I'm in the trenches at the bottom of that hill. No place else for it to go.

It "appears" that the problem is similar to one from last year where a Microsoft "update" hosed the file sharing between two of our computers resulting in an unreliable connection between our web server machine and the machine that builds and stores the files that you download.

As a fix, I've copied all 14 gigabytes of data from the file server to the web server machine and reconfigured the web site to look on local drives for your files.

If the problem continues, then I'll know that it isn't a networking related problem and it'll be back to square one.

While waiting to see if this works, I'll be working on a solution that will keep the files automatically in sync between the two machines.

So here's keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that we all have a profitable and nice weekend.
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