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Fields With More Than 12 Entries

Postby rmania » Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:34 pm


RaceMaker was designed back when fields were typically limited to 12 starters.

Today's fields can not only be larger, but the Also-eligible list has, for the most part, been done away with.

Where once sadle cloths stopped at 12 (except for entry numbers like 1A), they now can go as high as 16.

RaceMaker will inform you whenever a field exceeds 12 horses and you will encounter annoying messages if you continue to handicap the race.


- Open the RaceMaker file

- Delete all know scratches. If this does not reduce the field to 12 or under then contine.

- From the Records Editor screen click the "Grid Expand/Resize" icon (far right icon on tool bar).

- In the column "Dist LR" look for the value "FTS" which stands for 1st time starter. Delete/scratch as many of these as necessary to get the number of entries down to 12.
Note: 1st time starters can't be handicapped anyway. But if you want to view their workouts just refer to the Post Time Daily form.

- If there are no "firsters" then scratch horses appearing to have no chance at winning until you get down to 12.

- In the column "PP" no value can be higher than 12 and numbers must be sequencial.
Note: Scratching horses usually handles this numbering.

- In the column "PRn" no value can be higher than 14. 13 is used to identify 1A & 14 is used to identify 2B.

- In the column "P#" no numeric value can be higher than 12. If PRn = 13 then the value for "P#" must be "1A'. If PRn = 14 then value for "P#" must be "2B"

- Click the "Save" icon

When changes are such that you now have incorrect program numbers just verify the correct number using Post Time Daily prior to making any wagers.
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