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Downloading PTD2 Exported Data

Postby rmania » Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:07 am


RaceMaker was designed for use with earlier versions of Post Time Daily where the default location for exported data was c:\HDRF. This location was hardcoded into RaceMaker as the target directory when creating RaceMaker files.

The latest version of Post Time Daily, PTD2, uses the following default location for exported data:

My Documents\Post Time Daily Files\Exported Data

If c:\HDRF does not exist then RaceMaker defaults to its own "Data" directoy when attempting to create files. And, if the data resides in the "Exported Data" folder you will need to navigate to it.


- Create the folder HDRF on your C drive (i.e., C:\HDRF)

- Open Post Time Daily and click Tools > Options

- On the "General" tab change the value for "Export folder:" to C:\HDRF

- Click OK

All new exports will now be sent to C:\HDRF. If you have data in "Exported Data" folder you'll want to move it to the new location.

Note: When creating RaceMaker files the "Files of type" value in the "Open" dialog box must be Comma Delimited (*.R1*). Just use the dropdown to find the value.
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