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1/4 Pole Leaders Disappointed at Del Mar Yesterday (9/6)

Postby rmania » Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:24 am

A bit of a disappointment on Monday as the four 1/4 pole leaders in Virtual View produced only 1 winner and 3 place finishes.

Each of the 2nd place finishers lost by a 1/2 length or less.

If you played win only you would have lost a little over 50%.
If you played win and place you would have nearly doubled your investment.
If you played place only you would have would have nearly tripled your investment.

Race 2 Connagher won and paid $7.20 and $4.60 for the place
Race 5 Lea the Punisher finished 2nd and paid $2.20 to place
Race 7 Shane Daniel finished 2nd and paid $3.40 to place
Race 8 Swiss Tart finished 2nd and paid $13.40 to place
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